Playing by the water in Sydney, well not quite 'water,' more of a man made fountain, but still, nothing beats being by the water on a hot day. It's good to get out and explore Sydney every once in a while. Sometimes I find myself sitting in my room for 8 hours straight, mesmerised by The Real Hosuewives on my laptop. So, yeah, what i'm getting at, is it's important to push yourself to go outdoors and explore. I spend more time than the average gal on my phone/laptop/on social media, so it's good to take a break, and get back to nature- or at least get some fresh air outside of my bedroom.

As of late, my shoe addiction is being taken to new levels. In particular, my obsession with Senso shoes. I've been finding a lot in the post-christmas sales, and damn, there's some good bargains out there. I highly recommend doing shoe shopping after christmas.




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