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Saba boots

Hello friends, long time, no talk! I have had an extremely busy past few weeks, with lots of work, and lots of school, which means, I have accidentally been neglecting my blog, which is the last thing in the world I want to neglect! But as soon as all my silly school assignments are finished, I shall be posting a lot more often! However, in the mean time, you can all follow my Instagram, because I post on there everyday, without fail (usually anyway). So, now, lets get onto this looooovely little dress I am wearing. Who doesn't love a cute, summery, white dress? This one just screams summer? Don't you think? Living somewhere that's so hot, such as Sydney, you definitely need suitable clothing for the climate, and this dress keeps you cool, in more ways than one (heeeheeehee) I love the high neck with the tie at the back, that drapes down the open back. Very different to anything I have seen in quite some time, and gives it that little something :D


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