River Island sandals
Dotti hat

Visiting a deserted theme park is a strangely fun experience. It completely changes the exciting buzz they normally have. However, it was definitely the perfect photo opportunity, especially for blog photos. It's normally a tough process getting successful photos with people constantly walking or having a good stare in the background. So now lets get onto the dress. I recently got this denim dress off Asos, and it's the most comfortable/practical item of clothing I own. I could do a cartwheel in this little baby....maybe. But it definitely feels like it. It does semi resemble something that the Amish may wear, which I must admit, I do like about it. Nothing quite like looking like you're part of an Amish community who make their own clothes ;)


  1. You pull this dress off so well! <3 And love the shoes you paired the outfit with.


  2. Loving your whole look and that terrifying backdrop xx

  3. Hey, I just stumbled across your blog and I absolutely love it! Following you now!
    Love this look, the denim dress is really cool also adore your metallic sandals!

    x Edina

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