As you can see, i'm still a little obsessed with my white jeans, but really, who wouldn't be? And may I mention my new camera lens, yes, that's right folks, my camera has had a little upgrade, and I couldn't be more happy. There's nothing like a super crisp, in focus human, and blurry background, to get you excited about taking photos on the streets. Oh, and if you happen to notice my jacket, which is a little hard to miss really. I picked it up a couple of years ago from an opshop, and have yet to find many occasions to wear it. It's very heavy seeing as it's real leather (extremely thick leather at that). But boy oh boy, will I be wearing it to Splendour ( it just screams music festival to me) so I did have to take it out for a little practice run first. Let me all know how your weeks are going, and what you're looking forward to in the up and coming weeks. If you didn't get my little hint there, i'm going to Splendour, and I'm damn excited!

Vintage hat
Vintage jacket
Mens white shirt


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