Ever since I first saw these amazing Chanel sneakers on Lizzy, I was obsessed. I've been starring, lovingly at them online ever since. If only I could run around all day wearing these beautiful shoes, not only would my feet look so amazing, but i'm pretty sure they would feel amazing as well. As everyone knows, i'm a real lover of comfort. I have come to that elderly age of 21 (joking) and now can only wear things that I feel insanely comfortable in. (I'm kind of hoping that I get out of this habit at some stage, because it really can be a nuisance at times). But what i'm trying to get at here, is really the true beauty of these Chanel sneakers. I NEED THEM IN MY LIFE, NOW. Anywho, I made a collage for you, so you can admire them as well. I'm not sure which are my favourites, I'm normally a black and white kind of girl, so at the moment i'm leaning towards the all blacks, with a touch of white? What do you all think?

 (Photo via Polyvore)


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