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An investment bag is a tricky thing to buy, spending all those dollars on one bag can be an understandably tough decision, but I think if you're planning to buy any designer piece, a bag is your best bet. For starters, every gal needs a bag, weather it be a small or large one, they're always useful and they're acceptable to use over and over again, without looking like a weird outfit repeater. Trust me, people will understand why you are wearing that bag time and time again when it cost in the thousands. Deciding on what bag will be the 'greatest' investment is the next step- you need to plan out what are your favourite colours, patterns, materials and styles, ahhh the choices we face everyday. In my opinion black is always the safest option, it will never get dirty and it goes with everything, but if you're one of the more risqué ladies of the world, then red and blue are always a good choice. So here are some of my favourite 'investment' bags, let me know which one is your fav, or what you would choose for yourself?


  1. An Alexander Wang Rockie bag in black with rose gold is my dream bag. Sigh... Maybe one day




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