Be it a mammoth burger or a massive flared pair of culottes, it's fair to say that I am digging the oversized look at the moment.

(All photos via tumblr)

Who out there doesn't love 'super sizing?' You get more bang for your buck, thus equaling more meat, or material, the choice is yours. I was recently scrolling through the Topshop site when I started noticing that everything which caught my eye, was really bold, or really large. Maybe it's just because I know the bigger the item of clothing, the smaller my limb that is poking out will look. That may sound a little funny, BUT IT'S TRUE, and if you have yet to experience this, I highly suggest that you go shopping, and try something massive on (when I say massive, I don't mean size 16) This may end in you looking really funny and laughing at yourself in a dressing room mirror, or actually being quite impressed with the illusion of 'twig legs,' poking from the bottom of your coat.

I always like to say the more the merrier, and that also applies to the size of your dress. So be brave, and experiment. Life is more fun that way.


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