I'm normally a pretty standard kind of girl when it comes to prints and patterns on clothing. I tend to stay away from prints all together as I feel like they tend to go out of fashion quickly, and I end up hating what could be a perfectly nice skirt, due to the obnoxious pattern coating it. 

Here are some of my favourite picks from Zara you can get them all (here)

However, lately I've come across the 'marble' effect pattern which seems to be gracing our clothing, and I have to say, i'm definitely not hating it. It's simple and not over the top which makes it easy to wear, and it adds a little something extra. Especially if you're like me, and you always find yourself gravitating towards the grey, black and white section. The marble effect allows you to incorporate colour and patterns into your wardrobe without scaring yourself senseless. If you haven't already given it a go, I highly recommend it!

Let me know what your favourite patterns and prints are for this season? Would love to hear from you. X


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