Ok, I just had a slight heart attack when I stumbled across these new Birkenstocks when browsing net-a-porter.

(Shoes available via

Obviously I felt the need to immediately share these with you. ARE THEY AMAZING, OR ARE THEY AMAZING? Birkenstock would be fools if they didn't make the most out of ugly sandals being cool again, so obviously they tarted up their 'normal' style of Birks, like any money hungry company would. They added floral prints, and some slight adjustments here and there, AND can I get an AMEN to that!?!?!?! How cool are they? I seriously need these on and around my feet at all times! I have a feeling they're going to sell out very quickly, so I must apologise for this post ending abruptly, but I must be off to count my pennies, and make a purchase.....or two!

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