If you haven't heard already, and i'm not quite sure if that is possible, because it's ALL OVER INSTAGRAM, like a nasty, nasty smell, but H&M announced their collab with Alexander Wang coming up later this year.

This may possibly be the second greatest news of this year, second only to the royal family visiting Australia of course. But if you're like me, and you don't exactly love splurging on a designer hand bag, then this may have just solved all of our problems. Plus H&M just opened their flagship store in Australia, pretty good timing if you ask me. I'm sure many of us Aussies will be making a wee little trip there in November in the hope to nab something Wang. Now, i'm taking guesses on what his collection will involve? I'm thinking there HAS to be a handbag, if there isn't i'll probably cry, right there,
in store, in front of every one, and will not care. But i'm also thinking basic colours, and maybe a jacket and tee? But who really knows, yep. We will just have to all be patient little children and wait until November comes along. 


  1. I was so happy when the collaboration was announced! This is going to be a good one! Xx




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