Chanel Supermarket- Fall 2014

Karl has once again created madness, with his latest fashion show being set as its very own supermarket, with each aisle being stocked with Chanel branded goods. Now what human being would not want to shop at this supermarket? And for those who were lucky enough to attend the show, got to pretty much do exactly that (but weren't actually allowed to take the goodies home, and create an eBay frenzy) However, I am pretty sure a few people were sneaky enough to smuggle out some treasures- lucky them. The room was filled with over one hundred thousand Chanel labelled goods. All everyday items, but re-branded as Chanel, so obviously they instantly became a whole lot cooler. This show really achieved something which is very rare within fashion- connecting two completely different worlds, something as normal as a supermarket and high fashion. It also transformed fashion show goers to playful young kids, having fun in a supermarket, and seriously, who would not have fun in this situation?
Models walked the aisles pushing trolleys and selecting from the large range of goods. However, they all looked amazing whilst doing so. Wearing floor length coats, pink crop tops, and embellished sneakers. Cara Delivigne and Kendall Jenner were among the lineup of supermodels kicking it in sneakers.
If you have yet to have seen photos of this show then you must have been living under a rock, because Karl well and truly created a social media frenzy, which I must admit, was well deserved. Chanel Fall 2014 was very much unlike anything we have seen before in the fashion world. 

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