I always look forward to the Topshop show at London Fashion Week. Their look and range of designs is much more accessible for us 'not-so-rich' youngens. And do not mistake this for me saying that the Topshop Unique range is cheap, as it is very much not, but the pieces within the range are things that you can hunt down elsewhere, and get the same desired look, if you know what i'm getting at? If I could describe the A/W range in two words, it would be 'puffy' and 'big.' The coats say it all, with massive, floor length, furry coats, and pretty damn big bombers. Colour blocking is obviously still pretty popular, with full pastel peach ensembles, topped off with the peach sock to finish the look.

Now....onto the models. There are a bunch of models which I loved among the lineup, e.g Jourdan Dunn and the Aussie (who is killing it) Holly Rose Emery. On the other hand, I feel like there were almost too many models who looked scary (I know it's always cool to include a few that look gaunt in the face) but this time I feel like the majority of the girls looked...hmmm... somewhat, angular? I think that's the only word I can use without being totally offensive. However, I don't think the makeup helped the situation too much, with the really pale, non-highlighted faces, with thick black eyeliner smudged on the lower lids. I feel like this time Topshop kind of missed the mark with the makeup, but, you know, you can't win them all.

All together, I think the show was good, with some really cool pieces, that include some of the trends we will be seeing A LOT of this season. And did I mention their coats? I loved their coats. Now to just save all my pennies for when winter comes along.

(All photos via the Topshop facebook page)


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