Browsing through all these photos from Fashion Week around the globe, makes me so jealous of their chilly winter weather- yes, that may sound strange, that i'm actually counting down the days until it cools down, and I can actually go outside in something other than a tiny dress and some sandals. I literally cannot wait to start wearing midi skirts, leather, denim and COATS again, oh and I mustn't forget- boots!

Sometimes I can't help but to find myself constantly attracted to black, and I think that's pretty evident in these photos. However, i'm really loving the dashes of colour which are trending at the moment. Looking through these street style photos, I'm thinking that it may have turned into a more 'oversized coat' type blog, BUT, it was almost impossible to filter out the amazing HUGE coats, which are so popular this season. Everyone is obsessed, and i'm pretty sure I want to join this 'Max-Mara esq' coat team. Anyone else with me? In Australia, in particular Sydney, it's hooooot at the moment, so it might be a little impossible to start whipping out the old trench to wear around on a daily basis, it's pretty much too hot even for a light jacket at night, so I may be waiting a few months until i'm purchasing any of these babies. With that being said, i'm constantly finding myself looking at these almost-floor-length coats online, in particular Asos- they have some pretty damn nice ones- check them out if you're living somewhere a little cooler.

Photos by Tommy Ton via


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