Wednesday, April 23, 2014


I'm normally a pretty standard kind of girl when it comes to prints and patterns on clothing. I tend to stay away from prints all together as I feel like they tend to go out of fashion quickly, and I end up hating what could be a perfectly nice skirt, due to the obnoxious pattern coating it. 

Here are some of my favourite picks from Zara you can get them all (here)

However, lately I've come across the 'marble' effect pattern which seems to be gracing our clothing, and I have to say, i'm definitely not hating it. It's simple and not over the top which makes it easy to wear, and it adds a little something extra. Especially if you're like me, and you always find yourself gravitating towards the grey, black and white section. The marble effect allows you to incorporate colour and patterns into your wardrobe without scaring yourself senseless. If you haven't already given it a go, I highly recommend it!

Let me know what your favourite patterns and prints are for this season? Would love to hear from you. X

Sunday, April 20, 2014


A few little things that are currently on my wish list; all within a Easter theme of course! 
Chanel Boy Handbag, Chanel Perfection LumiƩre Velvet Foundation, Chanel Chance Perfume, Delicate Gold Rings, and last but certainly not least, Diptyque Candles in every scent!

How perfect is the Chanel Boy bag? I love a good smaller handbag, it means you can only carry the essentials, and ends up weighing a lot less for a more comfortable handbag experience. I would consider this the perfect handbag of the moment, it's simple yet chic, and comes in a range of colours as well!

Saturday, April 19, 2014


I woke up surprisingly early (for my standards) to snap these photos. I wanted to try out the morning light and see if it would do wonders for my photos, and I have to say, it was a nice change. Seeing as it's the Easter long weekend there is literally no one around the streets, which is so different for Sydney. I walked into the city yesterday, and I felt like I had the city all to myself.

I think leather pants will once again be a staple for this coming Winter season. I want to track down the perfect real leather pair, as the ones i'm wearing are unfortunately faux (if they were real they would be perfect!) I've seen a few that I like- Acne, and Zara, but can't decide which are completely perfect. I mean, come on, if you're forking out around $1000 for a pair of trousers, you want them to look amazing! If anyone has any tips on where to find good leather pants, be sure to let me know in the comments below. I would more than love to hear from you :) 

Zara bomber
Vintage dress
David Jones sunglasses

Thursday, April 17, 2014


If you haven't heard already, and i'm not quite sure if that is possible, because it's ALL OVER INSTAGRAM, like a nasty, nasty smell, but H&M announced their collab with Alexander Wang coming up later this year.

This may possibly be the second greatest news of this year, second only to the royal family visiting Australia of course. But if you're like me, and you don't exactly love splurging on a designer hand bag, then this may have just solved all of our problems. Plus H&M just opened their flagship store in Australia, pretty good timing if you ask me. I'm sure many of us Aussies will be making a wee little trip there in November in the hope to nab something Wang. Now, i'm taking guesses on what his collection will involve? I'm thinking there HAS to be a handbag, if there isn't i'll probably cry, right there,
in store, in front of every one, and will not care. But i'm also thinking basic colours, and maybe a jacket and tee? But who really knows, yep. We will just have to all be patient little children and wait until November comes along. 

Sunday, April 13, 2014


I have had one of the busiest weeks of 2014 (maybe I have said that a few times this year) but it has seriously felt like I haven't had a second of rest. In between fashion week, internships, school and friends, I've also been running around trying to hunt down a job, and it sure it tricky, i'll tell you that now! However, in between all the stress and adventures, one of my best friends from Tasmania came up to Sydney, and we spent the weekend together shopping, drinking and eating delicious food! It has been so nice to see a friend from home, seeing as it feels like a life time since I have been back to Tasmania. So it gave me a much needed break from my crazy Sydney life. 

We managed to snap these photos on Sunday, before going out for breakfast down by the harbour. It's such an amazing spot, and even better view down there! The weather in Sydney has at last cooled down (thank you weather gods out there!) and now instead of being insanely muggy and hot, it has decided to rain non-stop, but i'm not complaining. How has everyone's week been? Let me know in the comments below x

Zara knit
Zara Skirt
Sportsgirl boots
Sportsgirl Backpack
David Jones Glasses


Ok, I just had a slight heart attack when I stumbled across these new Birkenstocks when browsing net-a-porter.

(Shoes available via

Obviously I felt the need to immediately share these with you. ARE THEY AMAZING, OR ARE THEY AMAZING? Birkenstock would be fools if they didn't make the most out of ugly sandals being cool again, so obviously they tarted up their 'normal' style of Birks, like any money hungry company would. They added floral prints, and some slight adjustments here and there, AND can I get an AMEN to that!?!?!?! How cool are they? I seriously need these on and around my feet at all times! I have a feeling they're going to sell out very quickly, so I must apologise for this post ending abruptly, but I must be off to count my pennies, and make a purchase.....or two!

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Be it a mammoth burger or a massive flared pair of culottes, it's fair to say that I am digging the oversized look at the moment.

(All photos via tumblr)

Who out there doesn't love 'super sizing?' You get more bang for your buck, thus equaling more meat, or material, the choice is yours. I was recently scrolling through the Topshop site when I started noticing that everything which caught my eye, was really bold, or really large. Maybe it's just because I know the bigger the item of clothing, the smaller my limb that is poking out will look. That may sound a little funny, BUT IT'S TRUE, and if you have yet to experience this, I highly suggest that you go shopping, and try something massive on (when I say massive, I don't mean size 16) This may end in you looking really funny and laughing at yourself in a dressing room mirror, or actually being quite impressed with the illusion of 'twig legs,' poking from the bottom of your coat.

I always like to say the more the merrier, and that also applies to the size of your dress. So be brave, and experiment. Life is more fun that way.


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