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Vintage denim shirt
Acne Jacket
J Brand white flares
Topshop boots
Sportsgirl sunglasses

Hi lovelies! So now that i'm back from my Bali get-away, i'm back into my normal blog posts. I'm trying to focus more on my true style, and to wear only clothes that I love and would wear in every day life. I  love denim, and leather which i'm sure i've mentioned many times before. I have been loving white jeans in particular, lately. These J Brand flares are definitely my cup of tea. I'm so so so excited that flares are coming back into fashion, I have literally been counting down the days until they were back, and now that J Brand are on board, i'm sure it will be no time until everyone will be rocking them. They do bring back some nasty flash backs of when I was 13 and we would all cut open the sides of our jeans, add extra material to increase the flare size. Criiiiinge.


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Hunky Dory printed top
C&M pants
Senso boots
Sportsgirl glasses

Sometimes as I search through photos from a few months back, I come across some that I never had a chance to post. These are a few shots from a little collaboration I did with Roar Clothing, which is an amazing clothing store here in Sydney. Gotta say, I love this zig zag printed shirt, seeing as I don't like to wear a lot of colour, this isn't pushing it too far.


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VIktoira and Woods pants and top
Acne leather jacket
Senso boots
Lack of Colour hat

Another day of fashion week in Australia. Being the second day, I wanted to opt for something a wee bit more comfy, and this two piece suit from Viktoria and Woods was the perfect option. Seriously felt like I was wearing my pyjamas all day! I was planning on wearing flats as well with this outfit, but sometimes it's hard to pass up on a good old pair of heeled boots (I did begin to regret this after numerous hours or standing and waiting for shows, but beauty is pain!!!!!)

Viktoria and Woods + Staple The Label

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Oscar Wylee sunglasses
Viktoria + Woods top and skirt
Staple the Label trench
Saba boots
Glassons clutch

MBFWA kicked off this week! This means exciting times for all the blogging ladies of the world, or maybe just in Australia? I didn't have a whole heap of time prior to sort out an outfit, but I was rather pleased with what I put together in the end. I'm definitely going for less colour, and more simple pieces these days. This matching skirt and top from Viktoria and Woods is amazing. I'm obsessed with the cut of the skirt, it's simple, but looks amazing with the matching long sleeve top. This Staple the Label coat is also a favourite of mine, i've been wearing it on any occasion where it's cold enough outside.


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Staple the label coat
Saba top
Asos jeans
Zara shoes
Glassons purse
Lack of colour hat
Daniel Wellington watch



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