Thursday, January 29, 2015



These walls. These boots. This dress. I'm making it pretty obvious as to what prints/colours i'm taking a liking to at the moment. Lets begin with the boots. Snapped up these little Zimmerman booties in the post christmas sale, and dayyyyum, they sure are made for walking. I've already designated them prime position on my boot rack. They're just too good in all aspects. Now onto the dress, this is an Asos White dress, and the colours and print are right up my ally, oh, and you can never go wrong with an oversized shirt dress....

Saturday, January 24, 2015



Playing by the water in Sydney, well not quite 'water,' more of a man made fountain, but still, nothing beats being by the water on a hot day. It's good to get out and explore Sydney every once in a while. Sometimes I find myself sitting in my room for 8 hours straight, mesmerised by The Real Hosuewives on my laptop. So, yeah, what i'm getting at, is it's important to push yourself to go outdoors and explore. I spend more time than the average gal on my phone/laptop/on social media, so it's good to take a break, and get back to nature- or at least get some fresh air outside of my bedroom.

As of late, my shoe addiction is being taken to new levels. In particular, my obsession with Senso shoes. I've been finding a lot in the post-christmas sales, and damn, there's some good bargains out there. I highly recommend doing shoe shopping after christmas.

Monday, January 12, 2015



Jeans, a tee and a hat are probably one of the best combinations for a casual outfit, that still looks semi put together. This tee basically says it all, possibly two of the most beautiful things in the world? However, i'm sure that may be questioned by many, but I still love this top by MLM. MLM are slowly making an appearance in my wardrobe more and more lately, they're definitely a brand who make very wearable, yet, on trend pieces, just my cup of tea.

Friday, December 26, 2014


Dotti straw hat

Going home for Christmas meant that I got to make the most of Tassie's amazing beaches! They're so insanely different to Sydney's beaches, it's crazy. As you can see in these photos, I pretty much had the entire beach to myself, which is something that would rarely happen in Sydney. It definitely makes going for a long beach walk, another experience all together. I highly suggest travelling down to the East Coast of Tas, there are some of the best beaches in the world that are hidden away, and you may even be lucky enough to have it to yourself! 

I thought this dress was the perfect summer beach dress when I first saw it. Nothing says summer days like a long, flowey, white dress.